Howie Green Flash Portfolio
Howie Green has designed over 200 Web sites and numerous web site enhancement projects
such as Flash movies and animations for Fortune 500 Companies including
IBM, Coca-Cola, Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, Sheraton Hotels & Sprint, as well as major clients like
Hallmark Channel, L.L. Bean, MIT, Lycos, Cahners Publishing, Tom Peters & Lahey Clinic

Sun Life Financial  |  Fit For All  |  Hallmark Cards  |  Legal Seafood  |  White Elephant Hotel  |  Tom Peters

Stylepath  |  Cytometrics  |  Technology Presenter  |  Manager Source  |  Stonehill College  |  Steve Bennett

Venture Products  |  Breakdancing How-To  |  Kahunaville  |  Smash Game  |  Ceo Logic Game  |  Devil Game

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